Lufthansa Lounges (Senator Lounge & Business Class Lounge) – Munich International Airport

Lufthansa Senator Lounge – Munich

Considered one of Lufthansa’s mega-hubs, behind Frankfurt of course, Munich Airport is home to a healthy mix of the carrier’s Widebody and Narrowbody aircraft, and serves N. America, S. America, Africa, and Asia, as well as cities across Europe.


Arriving at Munich Airport’s train station from Salzburg, mom and I came above ground and made our way through the impressive, and world renowned airport plaza.  Its one of the most impressive covered open-air spaces in the world, providing shelter for passengers transferring from terminal one to terminal two.  It also houses a number of shops and the airport hotels.

While the airport was quite large, it was relatively quiet.  Not once did the airport feel crowded.  Not sure if it was due to the national holiday, but I was not complaining.  We checked-in, received our boarding passes, and headed to the Lufthansa Senator and Business Class lounge – located near the center of the concourse, just after clearing security.


The two lounges are located across the hall from The Lufthansa First Class Lounge, of which only Lufthansa and Swiss First Class and HON Circle passengers are allowed access.  Sharing the same entrance, there is a podium with one agent checking credentials for admittance into the Senator Lounge, and if needed the agents at the counter just behind can assist.  The Senator Lounge is located straight ahead, and the Business Class lounge is to the right.  My boarding pass was scanned, and I was welcomed into the Senator Lounge.



It was about 11 in the morning, and the lounge was bustling with passengers leaving on flights out of the bank around noon.  While it was busy, my mom and I were able to find seats without trouble.  We sat near the entrance in one of the stylish leather lounge chairs that sat low to the ground.

Feeling peckish after the trip over from Austria that morning, I grabbed a quick bite and refreshment from the buffet area.  As it was close to noon, the remaining breakfast items were starting to be cleared.  As most passengers would be leaving out of the noon bank soon, the staff were slow to replace the buffet with lunch items right away – understandable as food can really only stay under a heating container for about 90 minutes.


I grabbed a plate of scrambled eggs, a baked tomato, and a flute of fresh cantaloupe juice (which was almost life changing).  Other food on offer included fresh fruit, yoghurt parfaits, and a salad bar.  There was also a rather impressive bar-bar with a bartender, and an extensive selection of alcohol.  This felt like a true First Class lounge.


IMG_6810 IMG_6811

The nice thing about the lounge is that there were several distinct seating areas.  Located at the back of the lounge is an area with cushier seats and some tvs.  Towards the entrance by the windows overlooking the checkin area are the stylish lounge chairs where I set up shop. Dining tables with banquette seating was located near the buffet, and of course bar stools were by the full bar.

IMG_6821 IMG_6812 IMG_6815

IMG_6813 IMG_6814

The only weird thing was that the Senator Lounge and the Business Class lounge shared the same bathroom and shower area – and it was quite small to support both lounges that can accommodate upwards of 250 people total. To make matters worse, it looked like ALL the urinals were being serviced while I was visiting.

IMG_6817 IMG_6818

Lufthansa Business Class Lounge – Munich


Located in the same area, turning right in the foyer, the Business Class Lounge had a similar design to the Senator Lounge, but it was much brighter.  While it was brighter, the seating was definitely less spread out, and was meant to fit as many people in the lounge comfortably.

IMG_6828 IMG_6831

There were fewer seating types with a dining area near the buffet, arm chairs near the tv lounge in the back, and counter and bar stool seating by the window overlooking the landside area.

IMG_6832 IMG_6835

The buffet consisted of a good amount of snacks including gummy bears, wafers, fresh fruit, assorted nuts, and a variety of cakes.  There was also a hot food selection with some German lunch ham (with condiments), and minestrone soup.  The alcohol selection was also nice, with some bottled and draft beer, a mimosa station (choice of Sekt or Prosecco), and your usual soft drinks.  There was not much “real food” but definitely a step above lounges state-side.

Concluding Remarks

Having visited the Senator Lounge in Frankfurt earlier this year during my Singapore Airlines Suites experience, I wasn’t expecting much from the lounges at Munich.  And it was good not to expect much as they were nicely appointed, but not impressive.  The Senator Lounge was certainly nicer than the Business Class Lounge (for right reason), and I could easily see myself spending a few hours in there working and relaxing.

The Business Class Lounge on the other hand, while nice, was definitely a lot busier and served as a place to grab a quick bite or drink before catching a flight.  I couldn’t really get myself to relax while I was in there.

Overall, the Lufthansa lounges (for non LH/LX First and HON Circle Passengers) in Munich do the job, but are nothing to write home about – I don’t count since thats the purpose of this blog.

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